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Bridget Paule is The Working Body, LLC

Curiosity and the search for joy are my inspiration - what's yours?

  I grew up in Anchorage, Alaska, singing and exploring my natural surroundings.  As a teenager, I loved backpacking in the mountains and forests and paddling the coastlines of south central Alaska.  A child of experiential and outdoor education, I graduated from Prescott College in Arizona, earning a degree in environmental studies, focused on field ecology (and a little rafting and rock climbing).  Returning to Alaska, I worked as a field botanist, naturalist, educator and non-profit administrator.  I gained experience in a wide variety of movement practices, strength training, outdoor activities, food preservation, construction, mindfulness meditation and step-parenting.  I experienced tendonitis, acute knee, ankle and shoulder injuries, and the repetitive strain and poor posture (and mental) habits of office work.


I was introduced to Structural Integration in 2009 when I received my first Ten Series.  I immediately loved the work, my body soaking it up, instinctively recognizing a path to healing.  What really drew me in, though, was curiosity and wonder at the workings of the human body.  A seed of change was planted.  In 2020, after concluding a decade-long experiment working in an office, that seed sprouted.  I enrolled at The New School of Structural Integration. 

Now, as a practitioner, my curiosity has endless fuel as I continue my study of the human body and spirit and our capacity for healing: physically, mentally and emotionally.  My joy is seeing clients breathe more deeply, stand taller, gain relief from pain and move more fluidly.  I see clients' physical ease translating directly into being and doing more of what they love.  

My goal is to help you make the most of life through your own well-working body. 

I use hands-on manual therapy to help restructure your posture and move with greater ease.

Let's work together to get you moving toward your inspiration.

Please read the Client Agreement for full policies and Terms of Service


Mark - river guide

“After three sessions with you "chronic" no longer describes my back pain."
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