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Happy 2023!

A New Year letter of gratitude to my First Year Clients

I'm writing to say Thank You

Thank You for being part of the first year of my new venture in Structural Integration.


Even if you weren't aware of giving feedback, I learned a lot from working with you.  I am grateful for the experience and hope that you, too, got something valuable from our work together.  My first year clients, as a group, are amazing people: dedicated to their own health, great study partners, referral sources, advisors and sounding boards.  I benefited from your patience, support and encouragement and I'm proud of what we've done - thanks for being part of it!

As thanks for your support, please take 30% off of future post-ten series sessions for yourself.  Whenever you need a tune-up, get a hold of me or book online using coupon code I’MAVIP...because you are a Very Integral Person to me!


Since my first session in business as The Working Body, LLC, on November 22, 2021, I've worked with over 40 clients, delivering more than 230 sessions and completing about 20 ten series while finishing 99% of my training at the New School of Structural Integration.  More importantly, I regularly hear from you all about how you can move more easily or stand taller.  This tells me that I'm on a path that adds some joy and ease to the world.  None of which would be possible without you.

What's Next?

Your Joy Improves the World:

"I find myself enjoying more vigorous trail runs and skis than I have since I was in my thirties, and backpacking wilderness mountain routes without complaint from my knees" 
- TF (07/25/2022)
"I woke up this morning and the brick between my shoulder blades is gone.  In its place is freedom and movement!"   - TB (11/29/2022)

Stay in Touch!

If you would like to be a model for upcoming classes or test out movement lessons, please let me know.  If you'd like to hear about other presentations or learning opportunities, also let me know and I'll add you to an email list. 

Thank you for your support this past year. 

May the new year bring just the right amount of growth opportunity, and may you stay well and strong in body and mind.

With gratitude,


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